Holidays on the farm in Austria

In touch with nature

Dance with the fire flies. Jump head over heels into the hay. Catch snowflakes. Saddle up your pony. Milk cows. If you want to do these things and have many other adventures, then a farm holiday with us here in Austria is just right for you. There is always something going on at Holzleb’n. Our calves, goats, ponies, hens, rabbits and cats are looking forward to meeting you! Farmer Sepp shows you all the jobs we have to do on the farm. And if you want to you can join in and help for super farm adventures. Read here what you can expect here with us at Holzleb’n:

Animal fun

You’ll be delighted with our cheeky goats, bustling guinea pigs, cuddly rabbits and affectionate cats. Our petting zoo is a paradise for animal lovers.

Fun on the farm

Pony Rides

  • Gentle ponys. Our Shetlandponys will carry even the smallest guests securily trough the landscape.
  • Saddle your horses! For each size we have the perfect horse!
  • What a mane! Our Haflinger Fritz is a stepping-safe children's friend.
  • Several time a week you can run laps on our riding range for free.

Young Adventurers

A holiday on the farm in Austria is perfect for young adventurers, discoverers and inquisitive kids! Look forward to spending the night in the hay, to Woodi’s Forest Playground, Go-Kart racing or the Flying Fox.

  • What an adventure! Sleep over with your friends in our hey barn.
  • Become a natural scientist in our educational forest trail.
  • Ready, steady, go! Race with our go-carts, for the win.
  • So much fun! On our forest playground you can let off some steam.