The Petting Zoo

Animal experiences in our Family Apartments in Grossarltal

Leni, Lisi, Max and Willi and many, many more! Meet our cuddly residents at Holzleb’n! Yes of course you can give them a cuddle: Our cats, rabbits, goats and ponies are happy to get an extraportion of affection and stroking. You can also learn a lot of interesting things about how these animals live and their life in our petting zoo!

Our cats
Holzlebn petting cat
Ein bisschen schmusen

Meowing and purring

Our cat Lilli is the queen in our family Apartments in Grossarltal. Well, at least, that’s what she thinks. She wanders majestically around on her velvet paws and enjoys being admired and stroked.

Our goats
Holzlebn goats

Bleating and baaing

Happy, cheeky and always ready for fun are our little goats, a mischievous little herd that is always fun to see. Maybe you would like to help us to feed them some fresh grass and hay?

Our rabbits

Nibble, nibble

Max, Moritz, Hanni and Nanni are soooo cuddly! Our rabbit family loves visitors to their Rabbit Villa . This is of course made of wood, like more or less everything in our family Apartments in Grossarltal.

Our ponies
Petting horses


Our ponies have a lot to be happy about. They do not really belong to our petting zoo but they still get lots of attention from our young visitors. It’s not really a surprise as they are just so delightful!